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First flight of Textron's "Denali"

Textron Aviation's Beechcraft Denali, the US manufacturer's new single-engine turboprop with a more sustainable engine that burns up to 20% less fuel than older turboprop technologies, took to the skies for the first time last week. The milestone first flight is a major step for the clean-sheet design aircraft and begins the important flight test programme that substantiates the top performance expected of the Denali.


After a development process spanning five and a half years, the certification of the aircraft is targeted for 2023. Engineered to achieve cruise speeds of 285 knots (530 km/h) and full fuel payload of 1,100 pounds (500 kg), featuring a large cargo door, the Denali is designed to have a range of 1,600 nm (2,965 km) at high-speed cruise and will be able to fly from Miami to New York or London to Moscow. (ah)




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