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08.12.2023 Auteur : Mantra Kumar

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Five buildings, three world records?

Five historical buildings in Ningxia, China, were successfully displaced by 600 m in a record-breaking logistics manoeuvre. China Shipping Vastwin Project Logistics used 300 Scheuerle SPMT axle lines to complete the transport. They managed to carry all the buildings 600 m further inland with an elevation of 3 m. The largest structure came in at around 10,000 t.


The transport of the main building broke the Chinese and perhaps the world record for the heaviest and largest item ever moved. Records for the longest distance transport of a heavy structure and largest gradient were also broken.


The buildings, making up the Ningxia Saishang Jiangnan Museum, had to be moved away from the nearby Yellow River’s floodplains. In recent years, many historical buildings have had to be displaced or moved in China due to environmental factors. Scheuerle’s equipment is often involved in such projects. (mk)


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