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20.09.2023 Auteur : Mantra Kumar

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From landfill to carbon neutral

Prologis’s Park in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, has become the world's first industrial building to secure zero-carbon certification from the ILFI. This means that the warehouse used lower-carbon building materials and was verified after a twelve-month performance period to be energy efficient, natural gas free and powered by renewables.


The electricity produced by the all-electric warehouse’s solar system compensates for more than the carbon footprint of the development project. The footprint of the building materials was reduced by choosing local suppliers and will be compensated within ten years.


“With this certificate we can take a great step forward in our global ESG ambitions to achieve net-zero emissions in our operations by 2023 and in our value chain by 2040,” says Martijn Kuijken, head of development management for the Benelux region at Prologis Europe. (mk)




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