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Geodis launches parcel service

To provide European consumers with reliable delivery at an affordable price from North America, Geodis is launching a new, guaranteed four-to-six-day B2C delivery service from the United States to 27 European countries for companies seeking to develop their international online sales.


“With the explosive growth of international e-commerce, our customers want to offer consumers a premium service at a completely transparent price,” says Manoj Pankaj, vice president cross-border e-commerce at Geodis.


This new end-to-end service, called “Geodis MyParcel”, will initially ship small packages from the United States to the end consumer in 27 European countries within four to six days.


The service is to be progressively expanded globally. It includes validation of delivery addresses and merchandise HS codes, a tax and customs duty calculator, as well as an option to reschedule delivery, and shipment tracking at all key stages. (mw)




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