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Greenhouse in the desert

Dava corporation is forecast to grow in the agricultural business since it has entered into a contract for a large-scale turn-key greenhouse project with the company Debets Schalke. Faisal Al Batal of Dava corporation and Wim van Weele of Debets Schalke confirmed the cooperation for the realisation of three different greenhouse projects at three different locations with a total project size of 440,000 sqm. This is the largest ever horticultural investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Debets Schalke will be responsible for the entire greenhouse project; from engineering to final commissioning. The first project of 145,000 sqm requires 300 containers with greenhouse construction materials. The greenhouses will be built under Debets Schalke’s supervision and in collaboration with its partner Agrikol, which will carry out the construction works.


The first greenhouse project is already under construction. Greenhouse projects two and three will start at the end of this year. (mw)




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