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Icao: forecasts for 2024

In its latest press release, Icao forecasts that global demand expressed in freight tonne kilometres (FTK) will be around 2% below 2019 levels for the full year 2024. It bases this projected decline mainly on anticipated reductions in demand due to a weak economic climate worldwide.


However, the forecasts assume that risks affecting international air transport will not escalate from current levels. Cargo traffic expressed as FTK in 2023 is estimated to be 3% below 2019 pre-pandemic volumes, reflecting the world economy. Despite high fuel prices and economic uncertainties, airlines’ total operating profits in 2023 are estimated at USD 39 billion, in line with 2019 levels.


“Icao’s latest air traffic forecasts are promising for global development and a reminder that the global community must accelerate its sustainability efforts, particularly to assure the production and deployment of sustainable aviation fuels in sufficient quantities,” commented Icao secretary general Juan Carlos Salazar. (cj)




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