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19.09.2023 Auteur : Patricia Büeler

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Insights from carbon intensity indicator

Clarksons' data reveals that around two-thirds of the world's fleet capacity would receive A to C ratings on its Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII).


The IMO's 2020 decarbonisation framework aimed to reduce emissions from the maritime sector through efficiency standards and annual improvement programs based on CII. Initial estimates suggested a third of tonnage might fall into D or E categories. Upon review, Clarksons found that two-thirds would likely be rated A, B, or C, with variations due to diverse trading patterns.


Shipowners face concerns with the IMO's stricter emissions goals and maritime transport's inclusion in the EU ETS in 2024. According to Clarksons, increasing emissions regulations may limit fleet supply temporarily, leading to a potentially perplexing industry outlook. (pb)




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