• F. l.: Z. Rongjun, J. Vaughan, M. Drissi, C. Sjostedt, T. Crossley, D. Lawrence, J. Diena and N. Stadeler. Photo: IMRF


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International Maritime Rescue Federation renews board

The members of the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) have elected their new board of trustees. The new trustees, who will serve a four year term, then held an initial meeting to elect a new chair.


The trustees are: Dean Lawrence (chair) (Coastguard New Zealand), Jorge Diena (ADES Uruguay), Mohammed Drissi (Ocean Fisheries Department, Morocco), Cia Sjostedt (Swedish Sea Rescue Society), Nicolaus Stadeler (German Maritime Search and Rescue Service), James Vaughan (RNLI) and Zhang Rongjun (China Rescue and Salvage).


At the same meeting, members also showed their appreciation for outgoing IMRF chairman Captain Udo Helge Fox, whose term of office came to an end after more than twelve years of involvement with the organisation. (mw)




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