• Tokyo wants less CO2 in the air.


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K Line does its share

K Line, one of the major Japanese shipping lines, is tackling the amount of its emissions. In order to cooperate with the project “Zero Emission Tokyo” pursued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) that aims to cut back CO2 emissions, K Line offered 3,628 t of a CO2 reduction credit based on the “Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Programme” as a donation to TMG.


In the carrier's medium-term management plan, ESG (environment, society and government) initiatives are included as a key management issue. With regard to tasks for climate change, a CO2 emission reduction of 25% by 2030 is planned and incorporated in the K Line environmental vision 2050, which was approved to be scientifically consistent with the target level set down in the “Paris Agreement” that limits the rise of global temperature to 2°C. (fd)


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