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Management buy-out in steel logistics sector

Dirk Michael Müller, managing director of Rheinkraft International GmbH since 2009, founded Lima GmbH (Logistics, Investments und Management GmbH) at the end of August 2013 as a base for a management buy-out of Rheinkraft. As the owner he now steers the strategic and operative business of the Duisburg (Germany)-headquartered steel logistics enterprise. Rheinkraft International GmbH, a former subsidiary of the Belgian SNCB Logistics, is now positioned as an owner-managed, medium-sized logistics company. In summer 2012, the board of SNCB Logistics decided to focus on its core business – rail traffic – and hived off Rheinkraft. The tried and tested personnel and entrepreneurial structures, the alignment of existing services and service portfolios, as well as the cooperation with SNCB are to be retained.



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