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Measures against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

The Deep Blue project in Nigeria is shaping up well. On 10 June, the authorities announced a significant investment in its military and law enforcement infrastructure to protect its maritime dominance in the Gulf of Guinea.

Managed by the Nigerian Maritime Safety Agency (Nimasa), the multi-agency project will significantly increase maritime security in the region, an area ravaged by piracy, armed robbery and other maritime crimes. A Lagos-based central command and control centre will oversee an integrated resource network that includes two special mission vessels, two long-range special mission aircraft, 17 fast-response vessels capable of reaching speeds of 50 knots, three helicopters and four drones in flight. They will provide 24/7 coverage for the region.

Guy Platten, ICS secretary general, considers the Deep Blue project to be "a game changer in the fight against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea." (cd)




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