• Claas Mauritz Brons. Photo: Seaports Niedersachsen


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New site manager for the seaport Emden

Helmut Weermann, chairman of the Emder Hafenförderungsgesellschaft and site manager of the marketing company Seaports Niedersachsen for the port of Emden (Germany), is retiring. The port specialist’s main tasks were to represent the interests of the seaport, to expand and integrate the logistics hubs in the region, the ports and the hinterland into a comprehensive network and to promote cooperation between the various players.


He will be succeeded by Claas Mauritz Brons, a lawyer with a master’s degree in transport & maritime management. After two years of working as a company consultant at Fokus Shipping & Ship Financing, Brons gained several years of professional experience at a Hamburg-based shipping company, before, for private and professional reasons, he returned to Emden, his native town, in 2018.


"I would like to help expanding the port of Emden by leveraging its potentials. I intend to intensify far-reaching, strategic partnerships with the whole of the port town of Emden and individual member companies over the coming years," Brons says. (mw)




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