• Photo: New Zealand High Court


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New Zealand fines cartel

New Zealand’s High Court has imposed penalties of NZD 9.7 million on two international freight forwarding companies for "a serious breach of law". Mondiale Freight Services and Oceanbridge Shipping are to pay USD 4.9 million and USD 4.6 million, respectively.


In these cases, Mondiale and Oceanbridge were in separate cartels before the Covid-19 period, agreeing with other freight forwarders not to compete for customers, and did not enter into cartel agreements with each other. Four individuals associated with the companies received penalties ranging from NZD 65,000 to NZD 100,000.


Commission chair Anna Rawlings: “In addition to financial penalties, individuals involved in cartel conduct, after 8 April 2021, can now be liable for a term of imprisonment of up to seven years in appropriate cases." Businesses and individuals can also use the commission’s anonymous whistleblower tool. (sh)




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