• LNG bunkering via the supply vessel "Kairos".


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On the double: unloading and LNG-bunkering

In the Swedish port of Södertälje, located close to Stockholm, the world’s largest bunker supply vessel (BSV) for liquefied natural gas (LNG) “Kairos” conducted the first LNG bunker supply operation for the product tanker “Ternsund”, chartered by the Finnish fuel supply company Neot (North European Oil Trade).


During the operation, 150 t of LNG were bunkered from “Kairos” to “Ternsund” at the port’s oil terminal. Not only was it the first LNG bunker operation in the port of Södertälje, it was also the first such manoeuvre in the Baltic Sea while normal cargo was unloaded in parallel.


The bunker operation puts into practice the contract for the supply of LNG, which was signed by Nauticor, a Hamburg (Germany)-headquartered supplier of LNG as marine fuel, and Neot, a Finnish independent fuel supply company in the Baltic Sea region and an ambitious player on the global trading market. (fd)




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