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Pilferers report for 2020

The annual cargo theft report 2020, compiled by TT Club and BSI, shows that theft of cargo in transit is still the most frequent crime, although uts 71% share of the total is below the 2019 level (87%). Losses from warehouses and other storage facilities increased to 25%.


New high-value targets were created such as PPE, face masks and anti-bacterial gel. Vaccine supply chains will come under threat as roll out expands. Yet the food and beverage sector remains the largest target at 31%.


TT Club’s managing director for loss prevention, Mike Yarwood, said that “during the pandemic, bottlenecks in the logistics infrastructure at ports and warehouses brought increased potential risks. Temporary overflow storage facilities added to the loosening grip of existing security systems.”


In the coming year, cargo will remain vulnerable, due to disruption and the uneven resumption of international trade. (sh)




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