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09.02.2024 Auteur : Mantra Kumar

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Reaching for the stars

The world’s biggest optical telescope is set to be built in the Atacama Desert in Chile, and DSV, a Danish logistics provider, has been entrusted with the transport of the fragile parts.


The European Southern Observatory’s new project requires freight to be transported from a French warehouse to Le Havre before being shipped to South America. The main mirror spans almost 40 m, meaning it cannot be made in one piece. Instead, 798 hexagonal elements will be put together to form the part.


Eighteen of these segments have already reached the building site thanks to DSV’s cooperation. Each one weighs 250 kg and is unique in its composition, making it difficult to reproduce and replace. To ensure a safe journey, the logistics provider measured the G-forces of impact and kept the temperature to around 20°C. The telescope is set to be completed by the end of the decade. (mk)





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