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Royal Jordanian Airlines too - and also RA3

Royal Jordanian Airlines secured five-year RA3 and ACC3 EU certifications for its cargo operations from Amman to any EU country, with effect from May 2014. An RA3 is a cargo handling entity located in a third country that is validated and approved as such on the basis of an EU aviation security validation. It is an EU supply chain security initiative. The EU Commission developed the security legislation system for all carriers of cargo from special third country airports into the EU. These regulations are applicable to all air carriers operating with air cargo and mail.


Royal Jordanian's cargo route network encompasses ten destinations: London, Vienna, Athens, Larnaca, Frankfurt and Algeria, to which it operates one regular weekly flight, and Maastricht, which is served four times per week. Tel Aviv and Baghdad have two weekly flights, and the carrier offers charter flights to Irbil, Sulaymaniyah and other cities around the world.


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