• Photo: Kick-off STBERNARD project

25.09.2023 Auteur : Patricia Büeler

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Safety programme for chemical terminals

The Fundación Valenciaport is actively involved in the STBERNARD project, which is aimed at enhancing safety for first responders in chemical terminals during emergencies, especially CBRN threats.


The project, co-funded by the Horizon Europe Programme with a budget of EUR 6.7 million, focuses on advanced technologies like rapid sensors and decontamination methods. These technologies aim to detect hazardous substances quickly and be portable for rapid response in emergencies.


Additionally, the project plans to develop an AI tool to generate specific procedures for responders, reducing exposure risks. The Fundación Valenciaport evaluates requirements for first responders and conducts pilot tests in the Port of Sagunto to enhance safety in handling dangerous goods.


STBERNARD is the abbreviation for “system for safe biological chemical radiological and nuclear assessment, rescue and decontamination”. (pb)




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