• Offshore projects are the floating crane's favourite.


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Sleipnir rides into the Netherlands

The world’s largest crane vessel – which was put into operation by Heerema in July 2019 – has arrived in the Canlandkanaal in the Netherlands after completing a successful project in Trinidad.


Before that, the crane vessel had already been deployed in Brazilian and Israeli waters. It will be used to prepare future dismantling works in the North Sea and will probably leave Rotterdam at the end of March.


The “Sleipnir” was named after the eight-legged stallion of the Norwegian god Odin. The vessel is 220 m long, 102 m wide, offers room for 400 employees, weighs 119,000 t and is powered by liquid natural gas. In September 2019 it lifted a load of 15,300 t, setting a world record, since no floating crane had ever lifted such a weight before.


The semi-submersible crane vessel, which has two cranes with a lifting capacity of 10,000 t each, is suitable for offshore projects, the dismantling of old drilling platforms for instance. (mw)




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