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SPO and CNCo to fight diabetes

Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) and the China Navigation Company (CNCo) have joined forces with the Mission to Seafarers, a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting seafarers worldwide, to address concerns about seafarers' higher risk of developing diabetes.


The Seafarers' "Guide to understanding diabetes in 2015" seeks to explain the dangers of diabetes in the context of seafaring, and to suggest practical lifestyle adjustments that seafarers can make to minimise their risk of the disease.


Multiple research projects have shown that seafarers have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes when compared with the general population. This may be due in large part to their lifestyle, with an increased prevalence of smoking, lack of exercise and poor diet within the group, as Cpt Simon Bennett, general manager, SPO and CNCo, explained.


The guide has been already distributed in over 50 shipping companies after making its debut at the Sea Asia Conference in April 2015.

A royalty free copy can be obtained via this link:

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