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United Wagon establishes freight car specialist

The railway holding United Wagon Company (UWC), based in Moscow, is entering a new market by establishing a transport company named Vostok1520. Through the move, UWC wants to become an active partner in the development of heavy-haul traffic technologies for 1,520 mm gauge railways.


The new entity will specialize in providing a full range of freight transport services by deploying innovative cars with improved maintenance characteristics. Vostok1520’s managers are professionals with many years’ experience in the railway market. The operator’s freight car fleet consists of innovative gondolas and hopper-cars, produced by Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (managed by UWC).


Other leading Russian and CIS railcar enterprises, in cooperation with UWC, are actively moving the freight cars into the market. The operation of trains formed of these innovative cars will boost haulage capacity along the busiest routes, increase freight turnover by up to 8%, and reduce delivery times. Vostok1520 focuses on services for coal, metallurgical and chemical enterprises. (ben)



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