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Valenciaport: advice on how to tackle Covid

Since it is vital to keep ports open during a pandemic, Fundación Valenciaport has launched a new advisory service for ports whose main objective is to provide port managers with a global and precise vision of the situation.


This technical assistance, lasting over a period of 25 weeks, is aimed at port authorities, private port management companies, port operators and agents, as well as representatives of the ministries of transport, health and trade, among others. Its purpose is to make ports more resilient in times of crisis.


Some of the specific objectives are to keep ports safe and operational during pandemics by improving responsive measures and decision making and developing protocols, action plans, etc.; to implement standards, guidelines, metrics, tools and methodologies to facilitate the flow of goods and services; to provide stakeholders with innovative and user-friendly IT tools to complement EU systems; and to advise ports and port community stakeholders on the use of remote technologies. (cd)




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