• Photo: Viking Drone Packaging

18.09.2023 Auteur : Mantra Kumar

Artikel Nummer: 46478

Viking Drone Packaging passes crash test

Viking Drone Packaging’s 'Crash-Protected Container' has been certified by the UK government in the Civil Aviation Authority’s test programme. This opens up new options for the drone delivery sector.


In the UK and Europe it's theoretically been possible to carry dangerous goods by drone for some time now. For most dangerous goods however, the regulations require the use of a certified crash-protected container (CPC), and no such equipment has existed so far.


The challenge was to build a lightweight container that could be shielded from the high impact forces following a drop from an altitude of 122 m and to obtain certification.


After developing and passing a suitable test, Viking’s drones can now be used for critical medical deliveries, including urgent blood samples or chemotherapy drugs. (mk)




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