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  • Handling project cargo, the most important pillar of Dynamic.

07.11.2014 By: Antje Veregge

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A broad portfolio

The Israeli firm Dynamic Shipping is active in many a field, including breakbulk shipping, project cargo operations, LNG consultancy services and the ship agency business.

The acronym LNG is on everyone’s lips these days. Moty Kuperberg, director of the oil and gas unit of the Israeli undertaking Dynamic Shipping, is hardly surprised. He foresaw such a development as long ago as 2003. At that time analysts predicted that the volume of LNG produced worldwide would double in the following five years. ­Dynamic Shipping saw that this represented a promising niche and as a result has been offering consultancy services for LNG feeder ships as well as the concomitant facilities on land ever since.


This is not the only pillar in the edifice of the com­pany’s activities, however. The firm additionally specialises in handling breakbulk and project cargo, and also offers its agency services for around 300 vessels. The private enter­prise is managed by two partners, who do not shy away from contributing to day-to-day business.


The future lies in liquefied natural gas

Kuperberg is convinced that «LNG will develop into one of the most important sources of energy worldwide.» When he first entered the field in 2001 there was no sign yet of how significant liquefied natural gas (LNG) would become one day. «But we recognised the opportunity that it presented and we made a good go of it,» the managing director explains. «We discovered the niche of small units for LNG transportation for ourselves, and conducted the commensurate feasibility studies.»


Dynamic Shipping also offers governments consultancy services in this field. It has carried out mandates for the state of Israel as well as being active for Cyprus, for example. The specialist was involved in developing an LNG import terminal in Israel, amongst other things.


A gas revolution has brought some cargo

The breakbulk and project cargo segment still represents ­Dynamic’s bread-and-butter business, however. Ormat, a manufacturer of geo-thermal facilities for the production of alternative and renewable sources of energy, is one of Dynamic’s customers, for example. Ormat has mandated the firm to transport plant equipment, for example, with individual shipments amounting to as much as 7,000 cbm. Last year the company looked after the shipment of one of Ormat’s units to New Zealand, and was also in charge of the transport of another one to Turkey.


Dynamic Shipping has benefited greatly from a veritable gas revolution that has taken place in recent years in Israel. Gas fields, operated by the Noble Energy corporation, amongst others, entail the construction of pipelines as well as of gas-fuelled power stations. Besides the national electricity undertaking there are also numerous private sector enterprises active in the field. The result is that some new suppliers have entered the national market. Dynamic recently completed a project for Noble Energy, which saw goods shipped through the port of Ashdod. The consignments weighed more than 90 t, were up to 16 m long and up to 5 m high and wide.


The development of the offshore industry in the Eastern Medi­terranean, between Cyprus and Israel, is another driver of growth for Dynamic Shipping. Kuperberg is convinced that what he calls Israel’s very own North Sea «will contribute substantially to economic development as well as stability in the entire region.»




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