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  • The Aeros airship will also be available to Bertling customers.

28.02.2014 By: Andreas Haug

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Bertling to cooperate with Aeros

The Houston branch of Bertling Logistics Inc, the US entity of the Hamburg-based German logistics company Bertling, and the company Aeros, from California (USA), have signed an MoU for a potential joint venture to establish a partnership supporting global project logistics. It will focus on the deployment of the Aeroscraft, a variable-buoyancy cargo airship made by Aeros.

The partnership will allow Bertling to become a launch partner for the Aeroscraft, which can carry ­between 66 and 250 t. Aeros, in turn, will be able to broaden the customer base of the Aeroscraft, which is due to be marketed from 2016 onwards, through Bertling’s worldwide client network.


Once the development and test phase of the project is completed, the fleet will be made up of 22 Aeros units capable of vertically lifting heavylift air cargo and carrying it up to 10,000 km. 






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