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22.09.2017 By: Jutta Iten

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Focusing on alternative energy

The Salammbô Group, which is domiciled in Tunis, recently transported a total of 40 wind power plants of the Vestas V90 type with 120 MW from China and Spain to Tangier (Morocco).


The revival of the economy in Tunisia can be clearly observed again now, after a certain period of quiet following the revolution. A good example of this is the Salammbô Group. The consortium is active in various fields, through its nume­rous subsidiaries, which do business independently in Tunisia as well as in neighbouring countries.


Through its subsidiary Salammbô Inter­national Services it recently conducted a major transport operation, involving components for the 120 MW Khalladi wind farm, due to be erected close to Tangier (Morocco). Salammbô International Services, which specialises in offshore power projects outside of Tunisia, was in charge of the logistics for all of the components from the production countries China (port of Tianjin) and Spain (port of Marín) to Morocco (Tanger Med). In this process, it collaborated closely with the shipping company Thorco Projects.


In response to our question about the further plans of his group of companies, group executive manager Chokri Briki said that “this is our most important project at the moment. However, I also wish to take this opportunity to point out the core acti­vities our enterprise is otherwise engaged in. They consist of international logistics, where we cover the entire globe with our network of partners – above all JAS Forwarding Worldwide. We offer regular shipping connections as well as airfreight servi­ces that are continuously being enhanced. Things are relatively calm in the oil and gas sector at the moment, following the known difficulties in this field of business, inclu­ding some industrial action.”


Looking towards future projects

Briki is optimistic about his enterprise’s future. “The successful completion of the wind power park in Morocco serves as a key reference for us to participate in similar projects being planned in Morocco as well as in Tunisia. In addition to wind park activities in these two countries, there are also various projects for the generation of solar power at an advanced planned stage there, which is another area of great interest to us for our logistics services.”


In summary, the executive manager expressed his conviction that the future of the group will go hand in hand with the further development of its shipping activities, also as regards the negotiations with new container shipping lines.


Business in the field of ­renewable ­energies is equally important for Salamm­bô Logistics and for Salammbô Inter­national Servi­ces. And last but not least, Salammbô Air Freight & Cargo Services is focusing ­strongly on the further development of its sales agent ­network (GSAs). 




Vestas wind park in Morocco

The Danish wind power plant manufacturer Vestas has supplied 40 turbines of the 3 MW category for the new wind park in windy Tangier, in the north of Morocco. This means that a total capacity of 120 MW will be achieved. The turbines are being installed on towers reaching 105 m into the sky.


This wind park is a first. The renewable energy project in Morocco has been co-financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The Salammbô Group was in charge of the maritime transportation of the consignments from Tianjin and Marín to the Mediterranean port of Tanger Med.


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