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30.01.2015 By: Christian Doepgen

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Heavy Baltic loads

Twelve transformers are due to be transported from Sweden to Lithuania by April, as part of the Nordbalt project. Three companies from the three neighbouring Baltic states are working together on this assignment for the client, ABB in Sweden.

Lithuania relies heavily on importing electricity from Sweden. From the end of the year, energy is expected to be supplied from Nybro (Sweden) to the largest of the three Baltic countries via a power line in the Baltic Sea, as part of the Nordbalt project. Now that the laying of cables to the Curonian Spit has been accelerated, ABB has started to build the requisite transformer sub-stations in Lithuania.


From December 2014 until April 2015 twelve over-sized transformers are ma­king their way from Norrköping (Sweden) to the two Lithuanian construction sites in Kiskenai, near Klaipeda, and ­Alytus. The first four were transported and handed over in December and January. Each of the 256 MVA transformers, the country’s largest to date, weighs in at 196 t.


The Swedish general contractor, Scandi­navian Shipping and Logistics (SSL), is in charge of transporting the shipments to Klaipeda by sea. The MV Saturn can carry two transformers and calls at the Klaipeda Container Terminal KKT every month. The Polish sub-contractor MTD Skuratowicz Transport unloads the consignments using a Maja floating crane, which took just four hours to transfer the two modules to the transport vehicle in December – despite the poor weather and the limited night-time visibility.


Tailor-made road upgrade

MTD’s Jaroslav Žurawski had no concerns regarding the capacity of the road train, with 12 axles, 144 wheels and an unladen weight of about 60 t. He was grateful, however, for the pre­paratory work and route analysis of the service provider in Lithuania, Jurtransa (JT), which had planned the 12 km route to the destination in great detail.


No bridge would have been able to bear the 260 t weight of the road train. «Lithuanian Railways even upgraded a bend in the road for us,» said Žurawski delightedly. JT, in turn, had obtained all the necessary permits and provided the necessary support staff.




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