Heavylift / Breakbulk

  • AN-124s are the only aircraft to handle this transport.

13.12.2013 By: Andreas Haug

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Heavy support

A month has passed since typhoon Haiyan swept across parts of the Philippines. A lot of the emergency aid has been delivered by air (see ITJ 47-48 / 2013, page 21), but the necessary infrastructure is often lacking at airfields.

It is likely that a very large amount of donations will be made for people in need in the Philippines in the upcoming Christmas period. Special equipment is required to get urgently-needed material out of the cargo holds of the large aircraft and on to the ground, however, but it is not readily available at every airfield that is being used. Ruslan International, the company that manages and markets the fleet of Antonov Airlines and Volga-­Dnepr Airlines, which consists of Antonov AN-124s, recently transported a batch of such handling equipment from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Cebu.


The biggest item of the consignment, which weighed 85 t, was a double-storey main deck loader, which can move aircraft pallets that weigh up to 15 t. Other elements of the freight predominantly made up of material coming from the UK Disaster Emergency Committee, were manual roller conveyors for ULDs, baggage tow tractors, a forklift truck and platform trucks.


The number of incoming flight movements at Cebu airport has increasingly dramatically in recent weeks. Around 800 t of freight are currently being flown in every day.

















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