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  • The loading procedure in Masan was rather complicated.

10.05.2013 By: Antje Veregge

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Heavyweights for Saudi Arabia

The Sadara Integrated Chemical Complex, the largest petrochemical operation ever to be built in a single phase, is under construction in Jubail (Saudi Arabia). Jumbo, a Dutch firm specialised in the maritime shipping of project and heavylift cargo, recently transported a consignment for this ambitious project.

The Jumbo Javelin recently shipped three pieces of cargo from the South Korean port of Masan to Saudi Arabia for a sprawling new plant in the Persian Gulf. The ship is one of Jumbo’s so-called J1800-class vessels and has the capacity to carry loads of up to 13,278 t.

The South Korean company Daelim, which is responsible for manufacturing the mixed feed cracker, commissioned the shipment. All three pieces of cargo were extremely heavy, which made shipping them a particular challenge.

One of the items in the shipment was a stripper used to separate individual components, weighing in at 1,272 t and with a total length of more than 100 m, a width of 9.4 m, and a height of 9.8 m. Also in the load was an oil quench tower used for cooling, which measured almost 64 m long, 15.2 m wide and 13.9 m high. It tipped the scales at 1,216 t – not exactly a lightweight.

By comparison, the 860 t weight of the third piece of cargo – a water quench tower – seemed modest. However, the tower’s dimensions of 58.6 m long, 11.3 m wide and 11.6 m high were comparable to those of the other pieces.


Precision work

The massive size of the cargo units made the loading operation in Masan an exciting event. The deck cranes on the Jumbo Javelin loaded the stripper from the quayside onto the vessel. The high lifting capacities of the cranes on the J1800-class ship, even at long distances, came in handy during loading operations.

For the journey to Saudi Arabia the two biggest pieces of cargo had to be stowed diagonally on the deck of the Jumbo Javelin.

The massive pieces of cargo are not the only heavyweights involved in this massive project. Two leading international companies – the official Saudi Arabian oil company Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest exporter of oil, together with one of the largest chemical corporations on the planet, the Dow Chemical Company – have joined forces to realise the establishment of the Sadara Integrated Chemical Complex.


More jobs for Jumbo

The two companies not only own the plant but also supervise both its construction and operation. The Sadara petrochemical plant will comprise a total of 26 production units, the first of which are slated to go into operation in the second half of 2015. By 2016 the entire complex is expected to be operational.

The products refined in Sadara will be produced principally for export to growing markets in Asia, the Middle East and ­Africa. Ingredients used for the production of auto parts, packaging supplies, cables and insulation materials, as well as coatings for ships are among the products the plant will offer.

Jumbo will carry out three more shipments in support of the project, consisting of six boilers for the US manufacturer Fluor.







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