Heavylift / Breakbulk

  • BWS was engaged to deliver rotor blades to the the Philippines.

12.09.2014 By: Christian Doepgen

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In difficult terrain

A third wind farm is currently being constructed in Pagudpud (Philippines), which is located in the north of the island of Luzon. Blue Water Shipping has transported turbines to the Ilocos Norte province for the investors, which include AC Energy and UPC.

Renewable energy is a new business field for heavy cargo logistics in the Filipino market too. The Caparispisan wind farm in Pagudpud is now having 27 gearless wind turbine systems delivered, each with rotors with a diameter of 101 m.


The challenge for the heavylift logistician Blue Water Shipping (BWS) lay in the geography. The terrain around Pagudpud at the northeastern tip of Luzon is not just sparsely populated, but also rugged. The system components had to be delivered in a limited time period by overland and sea routes. The South China Sea also has a constant risk of tropical storms.


A temporary jetty as a special solution

A special solution was needed to deliver the sensitive turbines to the hilly region. This was eventually found with the construction of a temporary jetty on a beach near the wind farm site. From there the modules were transported by truck through the rough terrain to their final destination.


Blue Water, which has many years of experience with similar wind projects, handles trucking, barging operations and crane off-loading activities at sites. BWS has transported 250 nacelles, towers and rotor blades in different ways for the wind power industry. Brian Caffyn, chairman of UPC Renewables, stated that, despite the difficult conditions in this secluded area, «Blue Water definitely exceeded our expectations.»