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  • A 515 t converter was shipped across the Atlantic.

22.08.2014 By: Antje Veregge

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Integration the key to success

The German company Integrated Project Services is a global project logistician with a special focus on transporting plant equipment and machinery. With the dispatch of a converter to the Caribbean state of Trinidad and Tobago, the firm handled one of its biggest single transport tasks ever.

The logistician Integrated Project Servi­ces (IPS), a joint venture between the Ger­man entities Duisport and Ferro­staal and a specialist for the transport of plant equipment and machinery, recently set an in-house record. The cause célèbre was a 515 t converter that had to be shipped to Point Lisas (Trinidad and Tobago). IPS managed the project cargo supply chain for the undertaking. The converter is destined for an ammonia plant that can produce up to 2,000 t a day.


Transport to the port of Rotterdam was carried out using a special vehicle and an inland barge. IPS then transferred the equipment directly from the ship onto a chartered heavylift vessel operated by the shipping line Hansa Heavy Lift.


IPS’s detailed planning and preparations also included monitoring the process and managing the flow of information for all of the experts involved. This ensured that there were no delays at the construction site. «This 515 t consignment was the largest heavylift undertaking we have ever executed. Our integrated service approach played a particularly important part in enabling the efficient conclusion of the job», IPS managing director Stefan Hütten and project mana­ger Uwe Warnke explained.     





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