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  • The Nicolas MHD vehicle for extremely concentrated loads.

12.09.2014 By: Andreas Haug

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Middle Eastern master class

Lift & Shift Engineering Middle East was founded in 2012. Since the inception of the joint venture between the Omani enterprise Fastco and India’s Apurva Parikh Group Company, aka Lift & Shift India, LSEME has been a Nicolas customer. The French technological leader contributed substantially to the success of a rather large project recently.

Lift & Shift Engineering Middle East (LSEME), a customer of Nicolas Industrie, the French component of the TII Group, successfully completed one of the largest and heaviest transport contracts ever carried out in the sultanate of Oman recently. The major challenges of the task included a very high centre of gravity, as well as difficult ground conditions. These were mastered by relying on self-propelled electronically-steered Nicolas MHD SPE units, vehicles that are recognised particularly for their sturdiness and bending moment.


Massive consignments

These units represented an advantage for Lift & Shift Engineering ­Middle East, which was recently awarded a contract to transport five offshore decks and a bridge to a manufacturing yard in Sohar, namely the Indian corporation Larsen & Toubro’s Omani oil and gas industry modular fabrication facility. The modules, with rather impressive dimensions and weights (see box), were delivered to offshore oil fields, specifically to the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company site at the Umm Lulu oil field and to Umm Qasr.


The planning for this transport commenced in 2012, with the task now completed two years later. LSEME’s jobs included engineering the transport schematics for all trailer arrangements, marine analysis – to identify the suitability of barges – as well as a final ballast and loading plan.


152 axle lines in action

A total of 152 Nicolas MHD SPE axle lines were deployed. They were driven by seven power packs. LSEME’s team of technicians and engineers from Oman, India and UAE were in charge of the operation. Unloading the WHT 6 module represented an especially challenging task, as it had to be carried out in fading evening light. LSEME’s team nevertheless managed to finish the job as required. Nicolas Industrie, which is based in Champs-sur-Yonne (France), was founded in 1855. It manufactures industry transporters, special vehicles – and the Tractomas, the largest tractor in the world.    


Weights and sizes of the modules

• Module WHT 1 – 27 x 30 x 23 m – 2,250 t

• Module WHT 2 – 37 x 24 x 24 m – 3,050 t

• Module WHT 4 – 35 x 43 x 33 m – 2,900 t

• Module WHT 6 – 47 x 27 x 37 m – 3,600 t

• Module MFT 1 – 37 x 37 x 15 m – 2,600 t

• A bridge – 85 x 6 x 6 m – 570 t




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