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  • A new side-girder deck, with a capacity to carry 550 t.

20.08.2014 By: Christian Doepgen

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No British understatement

Longer, wider, heavier – this version of the Olympic motto applies to heavylift equipment more than ever before. The British provider Collett recently took delivery of a rather special vehicle – a side-girder deck that is capable of transporting 550 t. One of the company’s heavylift operations recently won an award from the European association of abnormal road transport and mobile cranes.

Although the 100th anniversary of the company is still some years away, the British logistics business Collett & Sons, which was established in 1928, gave itself an early birthday present of the special kind recently. Collett & Sons recently presented and commissioned its newly-­purchased side-girder deck STB 550, with a capacity to carry 550 t, in the factory of vehicle manufacturer Scheuerle.


From the roots

Collett & Sons has remained an owner-managed company from its founding to this day. From its origins as a transport company, Collett & Sons has developed to become a multimodal logistics services provider covering the fields of transport, maritime and consulting, in addition to heavylift and project cargo operations. Collett & Sons has extensive transport experience in the United Kingdom, all across Europe and around the world in the oil and gas, civil engineering, renewable energy plants, construction and infrastructure markets. At home the company operates from its branches in Halifax (which is simultaneously its headquarters), Goole and Grangemouth.


Great things for Britain

Collett & Sons does not shy away from close contact with the continent and has been cooperating with the Scheuerle vehicle factory, which is a member of Transporter Industry International (TII), for some time now. «We trust Scheuerle. It has high quality standards, a tried-and-tested service concept and long-standing experience,» explained David Collett, the managing director of Collett Transport. The vehicle maker has now presented a new product, the STB 550.


The latest superlative in the STB side-girder deck series will initially be used by Collett & Sons to transport transformers weighing up to 350 t, but it can be expanded at any time to achieve the full capacity level of 550 t by installing a second set of girders.


Technical range

There are many different options and loading procedures to accommodate generators and transformers with different dimensions. For instance, in combination with a longitudinal main beam, the load can be positioned on the top boom by means of brackets. Alternatively, the load can be picked up by using an additional set of load slings with cross beams. However, the cargo can also be coupled directly to a supporting tip without any main beams. Furthermore, the side-girder deck is capable of picking up and putting back down the load without the help of a crane, due to the helpful additional support bogies.


The deck, with a span ranging from 29.2 to 34.2 m in length, can be adjusted to the relevant number of axis lines in the platform-trailer combination required, as well as to the size of the load. The width of the side-girder deck can be adjusted seamlessly from 3.45 to 7.4 m, and therefore set in accordance with the width of the loaded goods. The vertical lift in the load-bearing area comes in at 1.65 m. This means that the STB 550 offers a flexible range of technical possibilities.


Expert confirmation

Collett & Sons recently won an award for its performance at the highest European level. The the European association of abnormal road transport and mobile cranes (Esta) has bestowed its annual awards of excellence in various categories for several years. Collett & Sons was pleased to announce that it had won the transport job of the year award in the association’s less than 120 t gross weight category in 2014.


Speedy delivery

Collett & Sons won the prize for transporting two cyclone burners from the port of Goole in East Yorkshire to the Ferrybridge power plant in West Yorkshire. Despite the considerable length of 21.1 m, a diameter of 5.9 m and weight of 41 t, the company managed to complete the transport from the arrival in the port over 48 km of roads to the destination in just two days.  





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