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Tanks and wind turbine blades

EMS Chartering took responsibility for the freighting services of over-sized and extra heavy tanks, as well as a large number of wind turbine blades in November. The former are designated for Spain, and the latter for England.

The Fehn Sirius, owned by the Leer-based shipping company, Fehn Ship Management, was sent on its way to Cadiz loaded with three over-sized and super-heavy tanks. Each of the three tanks has a 5.2 m diameter and were up to 59 m long. They are components of the new North Sea platform Eldfisk II, which is being built in Cadiz. In order to lift the tanks weighing between 250 and 284 t aboard in Sevilla, a crane with a loading capacity of 500 t was required. The Fehn Sirius was loaded by EMS Chartering from Leer. Eldfisk II is part of a project worth billions which should enable the life span of the Norwegian North Sea field Ekofisk to be extended at least to 2028. The field is situated around 340 km southwest of Stavanger and has been supplying oil via a pipeline to Teesside (England) since 1973. The operator Conoco Phillips is having the four platforms which are already in place refurbished and is building a new drilling, processing and residential platform that weighs 11,500 t in collaboration with Eldfisk II. Polish and Spanish shipyards are the main suppliers for the Eldfisk II platform that will cost EUR 750 million. It should go on stream in May 2015. Norway’s Aker Solutions is the general contractor.

Blades from China to England

The two brand-new vessels, the Nortrader and the Nortramp, owned by the Leerbased shipping company NTO Shipping, have been en route since mid-November on their maiden voyage from Tianjin (China). 27 wind turbine blades are on board. NTO Shipping, which was founded in 2012, belongs to the German EMS/ Fehn Group, which is based in Leer. It operates a fleet of five sophisticated ships. Further expansion is in the pipeline. The ships will be managed exclusively by EMS Chartering. The freighters, which weigh 2,600 t, are transporting the blades to Goole (England) and Wick (Scotland) for EMS Chartering. The contracting entity is Repower Systems, a subsidiary of the leading wind energy provider Suzlon. The journey, which takes around 70 days, goes through Singapore, Cape Town and Las Palmas. The shipping company announced that they had to take a detour via the Cape in light of piracy risks in Somalian waters.




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