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10.05.2016 By: Jutta Iten

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Wind turbines to the Maghreb

The Tunis-based Salammbô Group was founded in 1999 by president and CEO Mohamed Hechmi Briki. The firm has expanded successfully beyond Tunisia’s borders and now has offices throughout the Maghreb region.

The Salammbô Group operates in many different fields, with some business carried out by its many subsidiaries. One of these was set up in Algeria in 2006, with the offices there operating under the brand name of Salammbô Maritime & Logistics Agency. The latest developments in terms of extending the group was the commencement of business by Salammbô Libya in 2012; its offices are located in Tripoli and Benghazi.


The group specialises in heavylift services, the oil and energy sectors as well as in project cargo business, with the last being managed by Sa­lammbô Projects. The division operates as an independent unit in the group and consists of a team of project and heavylift experts.


The unit provides the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), oil and gas, energy, fertiliser and wind power industries with services tailored to meet their needs, orchestrating complex supply chain solutions when necessary, and providing detailed monitoring of building and assembly tasks.


Having monitored the renewable energy sector for a long time and having supported many major customers in the field before, the Salammbô Group was awarded a contract in 2015 to transport 120 units of the Vestas V90 turbine to Tangiers in Morocco, a country that has a strong focus on wind power.


Lotfi Kefi, Salammbô’s business development and projects manager, told the ITJ that «in the second half of 2016 we’ll charter six vessels suitable to transport this equipment, and ship the goods from Tianjin (China) and the port of Marin (Spain) to the Tanger Med Mediterranean gateway in northern Morocco.»


Further contracts in the pipeline

Vestas, a Danish wind turbine specialist, has production facilities in both Tianjin as well as Daimiel (Spain). But that is not the end of the story for Salammbô – it already has further plans for the future. According to project cargo manager Kefi the project will be followed by another contract to ship approximately 300 units of Vestas’ V112 turbines to various power plants in Morocco and Tunisia between 2017 and 2019.


«We at Salammbô Projects,» Kefi concluded, «believe that we can provide first-class services and efficient solutions for the mining, energy and wind farm sectors, amongst many others, that make the complex supply chain just a little simpler for our customers.»



Vestas Wind Systems

Vestas is one of the largest European manu­facturers of wind power turbines. The firm is listed on the Copenhagen stock exchange and is headquartered in Århus, Denmark’s second-largest city. It has production centres in Lauchhammer (Germany), Lem, Nakskov (both Denmark), on the Isle of Wight (England), Taranto (Italy), Tianjin (China), Daimiel (Spain) and Windsor (USA), amongst others. Vestas was founded in 1898 and started manufac­turing wind turbines for power plants in 1979.



Salammbô Projects

This subsidiary of the Salammbô Group offers its clients tailor-made intermodal transport and handling solutions for all project cargo needs, by air, overland and on the water.




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