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18.04.2024 By: Mantra Kumar

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100 days of strategic partnership

Cargo-Partner joined the NX Group at the beginning of January 2024. The companies recently held an event in Vienna to celebrate 100 days of successful collaboration. With complementary networks in Europe and Asia, they have been working together in sea and airfreight as well as LCL operations.


Cargo-Partner’s global portfolio of 300,000 sqm adds to NX Group’s area of over 5 million sqm, almost 3 million sqm of which are in Japan. The cooperation has helped the companies to enhance their customer bases and make their operations more efficient. Joint projects include the Expo 2025 in Osaka, which will take place from 13 April to 13 October 2025.


Cargo-Partner has also changed its logo to confirm it as a core part of the NX Group with its 70,000 employees. This logo is already in use at its hub in Fischamend and will be rolled out step-by-step in the rest of the Cargo-Partner network. (mk)


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