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A first for Airest

The Estonian cargo airline Airest has added the first ATR-72-500F to its freighter fleet. Until now, the Tallinn-based company operated its pan-European acmi and charter services exclusively with a fleet of Saab 340F freighters.


The ATR leased from Jetstream Aviation Capital in conjunction with Petrus Aviation represents a significant increase in capacity for the carrier. It has more than twice the cargo capacity of the smaller Saab aircraft and can carry more than twice the weight.


In addition to the new ATR, Airest operates one of the world’s largest Saab 340 fleets, with seven of the smaller Saab 340Fs. The new ATR-500F will allow Airest to further improve the efficiency and flexibility of its services. Initially, the carrier will use it primarily for its core customers in Germany. (cj)




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