• Hubert Biedermann, head of sales and Michael Aggeler (on the right).

21.10.2019 By: Marco Wölfli

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A foxy transport solution

Liechtenstein’s post office, Liechtensteinische Post, launched a user-friendly and modern web-based app in September. The ­SpediFux tool ­enables business and individual customers to transport goods easily from A to B in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Michael Aggeler, a ­member of the post office’s management board, explains how it works to the ITJ.



Mr Aggeler, what exactly is SpediFux?

SpediFux is your foxy forwarder, a web-based app that allows users to place a transport order in Liechtenstein and Switzerland through a few clicks and by entering a little information.


These services are available around the clock and can be carried out on computer, tablet or smartphone. The system is efficient, uncomplicated and works around the clock from anywhere in the world, 365 days a year.



Who is your target audience? Are you mainly addressing business customers?

First and foremost, yes. SpediFux is so simple and uncomplicated to use that even smaller commercial enterprises whose core expertise is not in the transport and logistics segment can have any goods transported from A to B without any problems.


You simply select the pick-up and delivery times in the app, and then enter the relevant addresses, consignment details and your requirements. The order is recorded in a short time and the label and delivery note are then created.


The goods are then picked up either on the same day or on the next working day; then we usually deliver them on the following day. That’s how easy it is to transport goods today, ecologically, overnight, by rail. SpediFux also offers all business customers that use it very attractive additional possibilities.



Such as?

The system enables users to evaluate services through its platform solution, so processes and goods flows can be opti­mised. In addition, clients can store a separate address directory in SpediFux, which makes booking even easier.


Those of our customers who ope­rate their own transport management (TM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can make use of application programming interface (API) or electronic data interchange (EDI) interfaces, and also integrate existing systems upon request.


In addition, the solutions for our business customers include full transparency along the entire transport route, thanks to our tracking and tracing functions. Proof of delivery is available online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



Do you have enough vehicles?

Only some of the transport solutions are provided by vehicles operated by Liechtensteinische Post. We collaborate with some of our long-standing and certified transport partners, which provides SpediFux with access to a fleet of around 2,500 vehicles that are on the road every day in Liechtenstein and Switzerland.



SpediFux offers delivery in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Why this limitation?

This regional focus is important to us on account of wanting to operate as sustainably as possible. Do you know, by the way, that more than 25% of trucks you see on the roads of in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are empty?


So we’re working on reducing empty runs. This saves resources and protects the environment. Sensible processes and automation, such as the use of artificial intelligence to carry out the bundling of consignments, help us to make the world of logistics more sustainable.



SpediFux was launched by Liechtensteinische Post. How did this come about?

We’re expanding our existing range of services through SpediFux. Thanks to our network of renowned transport firms as well as decades of experience in transport and logistics services, we’ve managed to develop the SpediFux platform, in collaboration with a software company.


We can therefore offer modern solutions for letters as well as full loads, corresponding to the needs of our clients in Liechtenstein and Switzerland.




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