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07.12.2023 By: Mantra Kumar

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A joint venture into cryogenic transport

Cryogenic transport is the focus of Nippon Express and Cryoport Systems’ new partnership, aiming to provide low temperature transport to pharma companies.


Cryoport Systems, a group company of Cryoport, is headquartered in Nashville, TN, and provides pharma and regenerative medicine companies with technology and supply chain services. Nippon Express focuses on the pharma industry in its 2023 growth strategy. It has been providing low-temperature logistics services in Japan since May 2022.


The two companies will now launch an ultra-low-temperature service of (-150°C or lower) with dry shipper containers, using liquid nitrogen to maintain the temperature for up to ten days. This can be coupled with real-time monitoring of all variables and conditions (location, temperature, humidity, etc.). (mk)




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