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A lion and a leopard travel in luxury jet

Klasjet, a Lithuanian member of Avia Solutions Group (ASG), recently flew a lion cub and a leopard from Chelyabinsk, Russia, where they had been rehabilitated by veterinarian Karen Dallakyan, to their new home in the care of the animal welfare foundation, Kilimanjaro Animal CREW – the Tanzanian centre for rescue, education and wildlife – located near Moshi.


In usual circumstances, animals are transported by cargo aircraft. However, in this situation and to ensure that the handlers, vets and the entire repatriation team could travel together, the Klasjet private passenger jet was reconfigured to accommodate the animals' cages by removing a section of the seating normally reserved for humans.


CEO Rita Domkute: "At Klasjet, complex and unique requests are nothing new to us, finding solutions for those requests is what makes us stand out from our competitors." (ah)




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