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A new intra-American service

Haifa-based carrier ZIM is launching its new service ZIM Colibri Xpress (ZCX) which will connect ports on the South American West Coast with the US East Coast. The rotation will be the following: San Antonio (Chile), Callao (Peru), Guayaquil (Ecuador), Cartagena (Colombia), Kingston (Jamaica), Philadelphia, - Miami, Kingston (Jamaica), Buenaventura (Colombia), Guayaquil (Ecuador), Callao (Peru) and San Antonio (Chile).


The service is scheduled to begin over the coming weeks, starting from Chile. The main target is refrigerated cargo from Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia to be transported to US ports.


The carrier will deploy six vessels with a capacity of 1700 teu each. Transhipment connections - e.g. from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean to Philadelphia’s port - are part of the package. (sh)


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