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A quality stamp for challenging animal transports

Already holding the Iata Ceiv Pharma certificate, Challenge Airlines has now also been Iata Ceiv Live Animals certified.


The certificate was formally presented to Hay Sasson, COO of Challenge Group, by Iata's SVP product and services Frederic Léger at the Iata World Cargo Symposium in London last week.


Carrying over 5,000 animals every year, Challenge Group does everything possible to ensure that each animal’s travel experience is as stress-free as possible, even going as far as developing its own horse ULD and the prototype of a horses’ trailer.


Challenge Airlines IL has been transporting animals for over 30 years and has access to the group’s run Horse Inn in Liège, Belgium, where the 40 persons strong live animals team also takes care of shipments for other airlines. (ah)




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