• Hans Völkert (3. v. l.) celebrates with colleagues, family and the management. Photo: Fiege


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A special anniversary

It is an anniversary that does not happen every day. Hans Völkert has been working for the German logistics services provider Fiege for 50 years. The executive board and the Fiege family paid homage to Völkert for his special anniversary. “During my time at Fiege I must have moved 20 times, always into a new office. But I felt at home everywhere,” Völkert said.

For 21 years he worked in human resources, but his longest role was treasurer, and the accounting of travel expenses was one of his tasks. Völkert retired five years ago. Since then he has been doing courier deliveries for Fiege tec in Greven-Reckenfeld two or three days a week. This location was one of Völkert’s many positions at Fiege.


“You have exceeded the average period of employment at Fiege by many years. It is very rare for employees to stay with one company for 50 years,” Fiege’s CEO Alfred Messink said. (mw)




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