• Photo: British International Freight Association

17.06.2024 By: Mantra Kumar

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A sustainability survey

The British International Freight Association (Bifa) has cooperated with a logistics software company to analyse the current state of sustainability in freight forwarding. Working with Pledge, an emissions reporting software, the association found a growing acceptance of the importance of sustainability amongst the freight forwarders surveyed.


While small forwarders tend to focus on other business-critical issues, a large portion are looking to offer sustainability services within the next year. Nearly two-thirds say they have customers currently asking for emissions reporting on their shipments, highlighting the importance of a good reporting software.


The full findings of the 2024 sustainability report will be explored in a webinar hosted by Bifa and Pledge on 7 July. The the results of the survey may be used to develop new and better strategies for decarbonisation. (mk)




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