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A titan passes on the leadership

Danish Titan Container Group, founded in 1987 and one of the world's largest privately-owned container-based storage companies, has appointed a new CEO and CFO after a lifetime with founder Layland Barker (left) at the helm.


Søren Skov Mogensen (right) and Søren Søgaard Suhr will now take the lead, while Barker has assumed the role of chairman of the board. The new top management plans to increase the turnover further – in collaboration with the outgoing CEO, who was named "Owner-Manager of the Year" by PWC in Denmark last year.


Mogensen: "The company is strongly positioned for further growth, and several of our business areas hold significant potential that we can capitalise on in the coming years if we play our cards right. USD 150 million in turnover is certainly within reach, and this is due to the efforts of Layland and the entire organisation." (ah)




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