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Airbus predicts 50% more freighters by 2038

In its global market forecast 2019-2038, Airbus sees the world’s freighter aircraft fleet set to more than double from today’s nearly 1,800 to just over 2,800 aircraft. A combination of 2,500 newly built and converted freighters will be needed with 60% for replacement and 40% for growth of the freighter fleet. From these, 850 aircraft are expected to be newly built.


In the long term, world international trade, a key driver of freight traffic, is expected to grow at 3.3% per annum over the next 20 years, almost doubling from today’s levels to about USD 45 trillion.


Asia-Pacific will become the largest region in terms of international trade over this period, increasing its share from around 36% today to about 43% in 2038. Intra-Asia-Pacific is forecast to be the largest trade flow and expected to grow 2.4 times until 2038. (ah)



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