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"Alsatian diaspora" sets up Pakistan-Lyon airlift

After freight charters from China to South Africa, Zambia and the USA, GSSA and charter specialist Airnautic, headquartered near the Basel-Mulhouse airport, is now organising a series of flights to Lyon.


Thus, from today, 5 May 2020, millions of face masks produced in Pakistan will be flown into the Rhône-Alpes region in eastern France.


As Airnautic’s CEO and founder Denis Le Baler explains, this project is a joint product of the “Alsatian diaspora”: the customer is the company International Freightbridge France (IFB), managed by Daniel Moebel, who is from Bartenheim, also near the Basel-Mulhouse airport, and who is represented in Lyon by Olivier Métayer, a graduate of the Mulhouse university institute for transport. (ah)





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