• Photo: Nigel Howard/DP World


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Alternative fuels employed in Southampton

The container terminal of DP World at Southampton is going to eliminate fossil diesel from its operations entirely and transit to hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO). Diesel previously accounted for 90% of the terminal’s emissions but HVO – a renewable biodiesel derived from sustainable sources – eliminates more than 80% of net carbon dioxide emissions as well as significantly reducing nitrogen oxide, particulate matter and carbon monoxide.


John Trenchard, UK supply chain director at DP World, said: “We estimate that using HVO will save around 14,000 t of carbon dioxide on an annualised basis - the equivalent of taking over 8,000 family cars off UK roads each year."


By offering intermodal solutions, DP World’s terminals in Southampton and London Gateway take 300,000 trucks off UK roads each year. DP World's new Berth 4 at London Gateway will be 100% electric when it is completed in 2024. (sh)




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