• From left: Josef Pesula (Nymwag), Petr Vlcek (Nymwag), Awes Botello (Ambrogio Intermodal) and Pieralberto Vecchi (Ambrogio Intermodal). Photo: Ambrogio Intermodal


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Ambrogio intermodal buys 50 railcars

The Czech manufacturer Nymwag recently delivered the new railcars to Ambrogio’s terminal in Gallarate, Italy. The 90 ft railcars have been seamlessly integrated into the intermodal operator’s own fleet and are already running on tracks all over Europe, the company said. The new rolling stock strengthens Ambrogio’s fleet, enhances railfreight services in Europe and contributes to the achievement of Europe’s sustainability goals.


Ambrogio Group consists of five operating companies. All are active in intermodal transport and are based in Italiy, Belgium, France, Spain, and Germany. They units are equipped with private terminals, their own fleets of swap bodies which they manage in full operating autonomy. (ben)




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