• Photo: American Airlines Cargo


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American Airlines Cargo transports a true cosmopolitan

American Airlines Cargo welcomed a very special shipment from Latin America when Sandra – an orangutan with human rights – was carefully moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina to the USA, where she will eventually find a new home at the sanctuary for great apes in Florida. Sandra arrived safely at Dallas-Fort Worth airport (DFW) after an 11-hour flight in a B787-8.


The 33-year-old orangutan has spent her life in captivity, originally born in Germany before moving to an Argentinian zoo 25 years ago. After protests in recent years to provide her with improved, more stimulating living conditions, she was eventually granted human rights for a non-human by Argentine judge, Elena Liberatori. The judge granted these rights in order to aid in her transportation and eventual relocation to a primate sanctuary. (ah)


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